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GMC-KGS400M Vertical Panel Saw

Solid Upright Frame for continuous precise cutting.

  • Allows to dissect large panels in a minimum space.
  • Main Saw swivels to either horizontal or vertical cutting.
  • Flip stop on horizontal Cutting for Sizing
  • Rear battens move mechanical to avoid cutting into.
  • Simple and practical to use.
  • Upper guide in tempered and ground steel that allows the machine to always work as a team,
  • Saw unit covered in sound-absorbing material to reduce noise and vibrations to a minimum,
  • Steel base that can be adjusted at each point and accurate tests during the various processing phases.

Additional Information

Model GMC-KGS400M
Length of Horizontal Cut 4200mm
Height of Vertical Cut 2200mm
Depth of Cut 60mm
Motor 4hp 415v
Blade Diameter 250mm
Saw Speed 5100

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