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LU4A - Saw Blades To Cut Plastic Materials

Blades with negative cutting angle that is suitable to cut plastic materials. In order to cut in a correct way, the saw blade has to stick out approximately 30mm over the material to be cut.


Circular saws, portable machines.


Flat-triple chip tooth with negative cutting angle. The specific size of the teeth allows cutting with perfect finishing, without melting and scratching the material.


Plastic materials, plexiglas.



Additional Information

SKU D Bore B (w) b Z
LU4A 0100 250 30 2.8 2.2 80
LU4A 0200 300 30 2.8 2.2 96


Tooth features


Minimum and maximum RPM based on the blade diameter.


Reduced Friction: Silver I.C.E. Coating
  • A high performing and anticorrosive coating to maintain the blade temperature low during the working process.
  • The non-stick feature improves chip ejection and notably reduces resin build-up, significantly re-ducing friction and extending the life time of the blade.

Section view of the antivibration slots.

Improved Precision: Anti-Vibration Slots for the Perfect Finishing
  • Body slots laser cut with freud innovative technology.
  • Also available with thermoplastic polyurethane filling, that considerably reduces vibration and minimizes noise.

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