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QCM-SRP1300 Wide Belt Sander

Solid Timber Wide Belt Sander 1300mm Wide

Set Up – Main First Drum Then Second Platen Sanding head. Solid and Quality built machine that has been tried and tested over many years

  • The machine’s abrasive roller beam support uses high-quality castings, heavy volume, and special processing and precision processing, which have stable performance and high accuracy.
  • The base of the machine tool is made of heavy channel steel and high-quality plates. The main motor is a fixed chassis structure.
  • Sanding drum rolls use thick-walled large-diameter steel rolls.
  • After precision dynamic balance processing, they have strong cutting performance and stable performance.
  • Fitted with a brush roller dust removal mechanism to remove dust on the surface of the workpiece.

Additional Information

Parameter name Unit SRP1300A SRP1000A SRP630A
Sanding width mm 50-1300 50-1000 50-630
Sanding thickness mm 3-160 3-160 3-160
Shortest sanding length (fixed thickness) mm 300 300 300
Shortest sanding length (polished) mm 500 500 500
Coarse (front) roller speed m/s 19 19 19
Fine (rear) sand roll speed m/s 18 18 18
Conveyor speed  m/min 6~30 6~30 6~30
Total machine power kW 57 36.5 21
Suction port diameter mm Φ150*5 Φ150*5 Φ150*5
working pressure Mpa 0.55 0.55 0.55
Dust extraction air volume m3/h 9500 9500 9500
Vacuum speed m/s 25-30 25-30 25-30
Machine dimensions mm 2650*2080*2020 2250*2080*2000 1110*1650*1990
Machine weight kg 3500 2800 1550

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