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TM20M Helical Planer Cutter Head

The TM20M planer cutterheads offer both quality and savings:

  • The multiple cutters, arranged in a helicoidal fashion, divide the cutting operation between them, thereby reducing each cutter’s contact with the surface being processed.
  • The cutting edges are less subject to wear and therefore the tool lasts longer, when combined with the bearing it can be used for cornering, with shaped guides of your choice,
  • Its compact diameter makes it easy to obtain small-sized and precise fittings.

Freud planer cutterheads, moreover, are manufactured from light alloy (Aluminum alloy) which gives them the advantages of both being more manageable and of requiring less machine motor power. For cleaning do not use products containing caustic soda.

Additional Information

SKU D B Bore R Max RPM
TM20M ACC 55 59 30 10 16.000
TM20M BCD 62 59 35 10 16.000
TM20M CCE 68 59 40 10 16.000
TM20M DCF 80 59 50 10 16.000

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