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LU1C - Saw blades for Timber Ripping with Anti Kickback Design

Saw blades suitable for ripping.


Table saws, multiripping machines.


ATB 10o tooth with positive cutting angle.


Soft and hard solid wood, also with loose knots.



Additional Information

SKU D Bore B (w) b Z
LU1C 0100 250 30 3.2 2.2 22
LU1C 0400 300 30 3.2 2.2 26
LU1C 1000 350 30 3.5 2.5 30
LU1C 1300 400 30 4.0 2.8 34

Tooth features

Minimum and maximum RPM based on the blade diameter.

Maximum depth of cut based on the blade diameter.


Reduced Friction: Silver I.C.E. Coating
  • A high performing and anticorrosive coating to maintain the blade temperature low during the working process.
  • The non-stick feature improves chip ejection and notably reduces resin build-up, significantly re-ducing friction and extending the life time of the blade.

Section view of the antivibration slots.

Improved Precision: Anti-Vibration Slots for the Perfect Finishing
  • Body slots laser cut with freud innovative technology.
  • Also available with thermoplastic polyurethane filling, that considerably reduces vibration and minimizes noise.

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