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TP42M AB3 Cutterhead For Entry Doors

Multiprofile cutterheads for doors

This tool is designed to be used on moulding. Mostly suitable for moulding and profiling on soft, hard and exotic wood, with a top quality finish. The tool’s versatility allows you to produce 44 – 52 mm thick doors. This can be achieved with two passes and by capsiding the machined part for the second run, taking care to adjust the tool’s programmed height accordingly. The variously profiled knives are perfectly interchangeable and do not affect the minimum tool diameter. Light alloy body (Aluminum alloy). For cleaning do not use products containing caustic soda.

This item is supplied without knives.

Additional Information

SKU D B Bore Z R Max RPM
TP42M AB3 180 27 35 (50) 2 4 8.000



Profile 1

Profile 2

Profile 3


Profile 4

Profile 5









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