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694.011.35 45° Lock Miter Cutter Heads


CMT’s lock miter cutter heads are ideal for milling miter joints in stock with maximum 28mm (1-7/64″) in thickness.
Create boxes, stretcher bars, frames and any assortment of right angle or parallel joint projects.

Two easy steps to produce perfectly fitting 45° miter joints: first, position your workpiece horizontally, then vertically.

Also, create parallel glue joints in two steps: place your workpiece horizontally, internal side facing down, and then turn it facing up.

For use on spindle moulder and shaper machines. Perfect on all materials, but ideal on solid wood and panels.

Technical Details
  • Hard aluminium alloy body with high resistance to tensile and yield stress.
  • 2 HWM knives 43x23x2mm [Z2].
  • Tools for manual feed (MAN).
  • Pins for the automatic positioning of the knives.
Supplied in a solid plastic box.